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Interpreting Economic and Social Data

Interpreting Economic & Social Data: A Foundation of Descriptive Statistics

Author: Othmar Winkler, Professor Emeritus at Georgetown University

I am excited about sharing my knowledge on economics and economic statistics. I have compiled a book that is the result of several decades of teaching statistics and providing statistical consultancy.  Please allow me to tell you a little about myself.

I am a professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. I received my Masters in Austria in Economics and Public Administration and later got my Ph.D. in Economics and Economic Statistics. I am a member of the International Statistical Institute, the American Statistical Association, the International Association of Survey Statisticians, the Inter-American Statistical Institute, and the Washington Statistical Society.

I have published 46 papers as well as my recent book entitled: Interpreting Socio-Economic Statistical Data. Id like to tell you a little about my the book here;

“Interpreting Economic and Social Data” aims at rehabilitating the descriptive function of socio-economic statistics, bridging the gap between today’s statistical theory on one hand, and econometric and mathematical models of society on the other. It does this by offering a deeper understanding of data and methods with surprising insights, the result of the author’s six decades of teaching, consulting and involvement in statistical surveys. The author challenges many preconceptions about aggregation, time series, index numbers, frequency distributions, regression analysis and probability, nudging statistical theory in a different direction. “Interpreting Economic and Social Data” also links statistics with other quantitative fields like accounting and geography. This book is aimed at students and professors in business, economics demographic and social science courses, and in general, at users of socio-economic data, requiring only an acquaintance with elementary statistical theory.

You can learn more about my book by visiting statlit.org.  Or you can purchase my book on amazon.com.  Also, if you share my passion for statistics I would like to invite you to email me at WINKLERO@georgetown.edu and we can talk further.

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